A good book can transport you to a different place instantly. It gives you shivers, and it can make you cry, or even frighten you. We love books for some many other reasons! That’s why we read them in traditional formats and, more recently, on our electronic devices. Are you looking for a new title? Take a look at our top 5 book-selling websites.

Best websites that are online bookstores

  1. Powell’s Books. The web page provides books of new authors and independent presses. Despite the fact it’s online, the fans are convinced that it appears to be one of the fascinating neighborhood bookstores in the world. Their blog promotes plenty of goodies such as the music listened by authors when they write and staffers’ picks. Why do we love it? Both the new and used books have affordable prices.
  2. Books A Million. Bestselling books and new writings have special prices here. If you have a device to read your bedtime stories, this is the place where you will find the most popular eBooks. Look for the coupon codes, because you will certainly find one for what you already put in your shopping cart.
  3. The Strand. Out-of-print titles, rare editions, and new stories alike may be found on the website that takes pride in their 18 miles of books. Moreover, they are pretty picky when they buy their stuff, so you can be confident that you’ll purchase a good book. When you have the patience to get a pre-order book, but love discounts, too, have a look at The Strand website.
  4. Alibris. The book-selling page is well-known for the hard to find titles and amazing textbooks. Additionally, it brings together an impressive network of independent sellers. When you don’t want to read a good book but are looking for a signed copy or a first edition, check it on Alibris. Use the advanced search option and make sure your delivery has free shipping. Check the consumer reviews, read a short synopsis, and remember that they have a stellar return policy. Don’t you feel lucky already?
  5. Amazon. Without any doubts, it remains the best online bookstore ever! The largest online retailer brings at your disposal titles of all kinds. Children books, digital books, bargain books – they are all available here! Why is it so appreciated worldwide? It has a user-friendly interface, searching for the titles is incredibly facile, and their filters will help you to find your favorite book in no time. Did you know that you can buy on Amazon the autographed copy of Harry Potter? Search through their millions of books, and you will not be disappointed.

Book-selling places accessible with a click

Our top 5 book-selling websites will end your run for the next book you’ll read. Whether you enjoy fiction, non-fiction, a celebrity’s biography, a horror novel, or a romantic story, you will find everything on the websites mentioned above. Read their blogs, scroll carefully, and chances are you will also find a discount for what you have in mind. What title is now on your shopping list?